City of Morro Bay Water Reclamation Facility

Water Reclamation Facility Options Report and WRF Program Management Support

The City of Morro Bay is developing a new Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) to treat wastewater for beneficial reuse.  As a subconsultant to John F. Rickenbach Consulting (JFR), MKN provided engineering support for initial WRF planning and project management.

Project site selection for the WRF was a critical step in the initial planning process that required outreach and partnering with the City Council, City staff, agencies, property owners, growers, and the general public.

As part of the interim program management support team, MKN performed the following services:

  • Comparison of wastewater treatment alternatives for the new WRF
  • Comparison of solids handling alternatives for the new WRF
  • Assessment of engineering and economic considerations for wastewater treatment and conveyance infrastructure for various potential WRF sites
  • Review of effluent disposal and recycled water feasibility
  • Identify site constraints for potential new WRF sites
  • Early in the process, the City began focusing on a five year implementation schedule.  The MKN/JFR Team developed a work plan for the program, managed the project schedule,budget, and preliminary investigations such as funding research, effluent permitting studies, reuse evaluation, and pollutant source identification.

After providing interim Program Management support services, MKN was selected by the City of Morro Bay to provide program management support through the planning, CEQA, and design-build solicitation phases of the project.

Trust: The MKN/JFR team was instrumental in building trust among all parties while evaluating various WRF sites through an Options Report.  Our team’s efforts to define City goals and prepare the Options Report led to selection of the South Bay Boulevard site as the preferred location for a WRF site.