City of Bakersfield 5 Wells Arsenic Treatment Design


The City of Bakersfield’s (City) potable water system is served by both surface water and groundwater wells.  When the maximum contaminant level (MCL) for arsenic was lowered in 2008, the City was forced to take out of service multiple key wells where arsenic concentrations exceeded the new limit.  Reductions in available surface supplies, caused in part by the ongoing drought, coupled with the location of five specific wells within the City’s distribution system, led to these five wells being prioritized for treatment and reactivation.  Based on the City’s success with constructing, testing, and commissioning adsorptive treatment at another well site it was determined that adsorptive treatment should be implemented at the five key wells.  Each well is to be equipped with dual adsorptive vessels, pH adjustment equipment, flow and pH monitoring, flow bypassing, and flush to waste provisions.

EXPERTISE: MKN was retained to review and refine the arsenic vendor equipment proposals including treatment processes and efficiencies, perform conceptual site layouts, prepare draft and final construction document bid packages, and provide construction phase support including on site construction observation.