As the demand for clean water continues to increase, the need for experienced professionals specializing in water and wastewater is becoming significantly more important.

A recent Google search for Water and Wastewater Consultants yielded 15.2 million hits.  Closer examination shows that qualifications between firms can vary greatly.

What sets MKN apart?



MKN is dedicated to providing forward-thinking, cost-effective solutions for water resources challenges in California.



To that end, MKN subscribes to the following values in its daily operation to fulfill its vision:


MKN only performs planning and engineering for water, wastewater, and water reuse projects. As a result, the MKN Team brings depth of experience to all our projects.


MKN self-performs highly complicated water, wastewater, and reuse projects:  treatment process design and analysis; design of facility retrofits and upgrades; and program management. MKN understands that each project is unique.  We approach each project individually and customize our strategy to ensure project success.


Providing quality service to clients is critical to project success.  Responsiveness, proactive communication, and anticipation of challenges are expected by our clients.  MKN strives to exceed their expectations on each project.


By adhering to our core competencies and minimizing overhead, MKN is able to respond quickly to clients’ needs, navigate complicated regulatory and political situations, and meet challenging schedules and budgets.


Building trust with clients, project consultants, permitting agencies, and communities is critical to project success.  Starting early in the process to build mutual trust and understanding, through clear communication and close coordination with our clients, is an important aspect of MKN’s project approach.


MKN prioritizes our clients’ need to meet budgets and deadlines, often mandated by regulatory agencies. MKN’s hands-on project management approach helps to ensure that projects are on-time and on-budget while identifying innovative features or solutions that add functionality or position our clients to meet future needs.