WATER.  This basic resource is often taken for granted, even in the desert-like climate of southern California. For growing populations in California, the need for reliable water becomes more critical each day.  Increasingly, communities are evaluating every possible water supply; many are proceeding with water reuse projects to augment and recharge limited water resources.  Rehabilitating, repairing, and optimizing existing infrastructure are also priorities for agencies to ensure these water resources are not wasted.

MKN offers its clients forward-thinking solutions to their potable water, wastewater, biosolids, and recycled water challenges. We understand these systems complement each other.  The MKN Team approaches each project from a holistic, “one water” perspective and looks at opportunities to promote integration of projects to best support our clients’ water resources goals.

As stated in our company logo, MKN focuses solely on “water, wastewater, and reuse” planning and engineering.  By limiting our practice areas and continually enhancing the depth of our knowledge within our disciplines, MKN has become a regional leader in water resources.  Most importantly, we apply our extensive experience, knowledge, and dedication to provide high quality service and responsiveness to our clients.

If you or your agency have questions about water, wastewater, biosolids, or recycled water, we encourage you to contact us.


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Michael K. Nunley, BSCE, MSCEE, PE