Moving Forward w/Reverse Osmosis

Moving Forward with Reverse Osmosis

While our planet is blessed with abundant water, with 70% of its surface being covered by the stuff, only a small fraction of it is suitable for consumption. Most of the water on our planet’s surface is saltwater found in our oceans. Some of the ...

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MKN Intern Ryan

Open Arms: The Welcoming Atmosphere at MKN

  I didn’t know what to expect when I first walked through the doors as an intern at MKN & Associates, but I quickly learned that one of the area’s best civil and environmental engineering firms was also one of the most welcoming and ...

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Professional Development – Every Little Bit Helps

Professional Development – Every Little Bit Helps

  Professional development and ongoing training in any technical occupation can be beneficial, particularly if you’re a relative newcomer – and especially if that occupation is engineering. That’s one reason the biweekly training ...

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Amanda Critchfield

Engineering a New Career

If starting a new job is hard, starting a new career is even harder – especially in a technical field like engineering. Thankfully, MKN offers internships to help newcomers to the profession, like me, a chance to learn on the job. ...

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