The growing scarcity and increasing cost of potable water has become the most important issue many California communities face today. Overdraft and contamination of groundwater sources; drought and climate change resulting in major reductions to surface water supply; and increases in demand due to population growth are all issues causing many communities to search for other sources of water to supplement their water supply portfolios.

Communities have been pursuing recycled water as a reliable means to augment water sources. Use of recycled water requires agencies to meet both stringent permitting conditions and very specific end-user requirements.  Together, these requirements drive the planning, design, and construction of reclamation facilities needed to treat wastewater for reuse.  MKN’s comprehensive knowledge and experience with recycled water programs and projects allows us to successfully guide our clients through the many organizational, regulatory, and construction-related hurdles.

Cost is often the most critical issue for all projects, especially community or regional water recycling projects which may take many years to complete and involve planning, design, and construction components requiring funding from multiple sources. MKN maintains relationships with funding agencies and can provide both budget management and funding support for our recycled water projects.

MKN understands that leadership and communication are crucial to the success of any complex project, especially when swift decision-making is essential to meeting an aggressive implementation schedule. MKN’s approach centers on developing trust among our clients, regulatory agencies, the general public, public interest groups, and other stakeholders. In particular, public agencies need to build relationships to win the support of the public and other stakeholders on recycled water projects.  MKN has experience guiding multidisciplinary teams in public outreach efforts as a key part of the early planning and design phases of the project.